One of my 4 yr old girls, Cat aka Kitty, died. I found her sleeping in a pigloo and dead for quite some time. I’ve wondered for how long I’d seen her and just thought she was sleeping.
She was one of my Cause babies. I took her out of Petco because she was nearly full grown, in a small fish tank and a coronet, never groomed. I talked the manager down in pricing and got her home and groomed properly and within a few days of her quarantine I noticed she also had lice.
I took her to Petco’s current vet at the time, Dr. Funk (ass) ((his rapport was garbage)) who sprayed her down with flea killer and told me to give her rounds of oral ivermectin. Ok this was free treatment but seriously old school and so I took her over to my regular exotics facility and we did 2 rounds of Revolution between the shoulder blades and nothing systemic or harsh for her to breathe in.
And once the lice were clear she started dropping weight. Force feedings! Oxbow Critical Care. I tried for two weeks to have her put weight on but she hated the stuff.

Fine. Either you eat enough on your own to live, or you die but I’m not fighting with you in this anymore.

For 3 years she kept her ‘ heroin chic ‘ with no issues other than soft stools.

I gave her so many baths, so many haircuts and I loved her hair. Even times I had to take time and soak her paws out of these harden poo clods to gently reveal her little digits again. She was upkeep but one of my babies, still.

Kitty Cat (Catastrophe)
Mommy misses you