The main focus of this is of course in the title. I was doing the pens and had the batch of dominant guinea pigs in the swimming pool on a white towel and I noticed pink spots going on. There are five pigs and about 8 spots at this point and you get to play PROD THE PIGGIE!

Possible Urinary Tract infection.

Being someone that just made the last payment to the vet’s today for $196.xx for Emerson’s double mastectomy and had a honking rat in the last 3 months… OF COURSE I HAVE BAYTRIL ON HAND.
(mind the CAPS- it’s midnight and I’m frazzled)
((mentioned I just paid off the last guinea pig today?))

The girls with damp rears all got butt baths to try to isolate this. I am not sure how happy I am with having ZorbEEz cageliners.
I need to order more supplies from Gorgeous Guineas, as I have used more of the Mini Pig shampoo than I bargained for. It was purchased initially for Skeeter (skinny pig) but I am not putting Manuka Neem lathers among the poteriors.