My dog came upstairs when we forgot to close the baby gate. Then she ran when we tried to get her to stay still. Oh god. She was on the couch with me this evening and tossing and turning and looking at me for help. Her knee was really killing her. I went to Petsmart this evening and got a large dog sized crate. It was half off and I put her bed, food and water and puppy pads down incase she has to pee and we miss it. I feel really tied with Lila right now. At least her meds are once a day.

Emerson is doing fine for having had his moobs lopped off yesterday. I have to try to lighten my terms or else I will stress out. All of them have their schedules. He gets his pain meds about every 8 hours, his metacam once a day (along with Lila) and his antibiotics twice daily. He gets his incision soaked with a damp warm cloth, burrito’d up in a towel in my lap.

How about the rest of the pigs? Food? water? fine.

The rats?
Oh ya Little Bastard needs his teeth done again.

What about my meds? Eesh.

The cats in the evening want their little bit of canned food down the row in 4 dishes.
I look down into the Drinkwell fountain as I walk through into the living area; Another hair tie that Rex has stashed down in the water well.

Emerson goes back to the vet on Friday. Lila goes next Friday.
I am pushing a few bills out. I feel so bad not only not having my dog up here at night but locked up as well.

I called my folks and mom says, ” I don’t know where you keep coming up with these vet bills. We never had anything like that.”
No mom, you opted to have children instead.