Emerson went to the vet today and had a double mastectomy. He has a pretty nifty U/V shaped incision taking up his whole gut. I’m juggling his meds at different intervals for the next 2 weeks. My blackberry is going to help remind me with him and appointments. Metacam once daily for a week. He also has this buprenorphine stuff for a few days or week or something (it’s downstairs) but it’s a massive pain reliever (ends in “orphine) every 8 hours. There’s a different antibiotic than I am used to 2wice daily for 10 days. At least this one seems shelf stable and won’t have to be stored in the fridge. I get to use 3 different syringes on this kid and I’m telling you by the 3rd one he hates me and I have to coax him through it. I can’t get firm on him or his guts will explode, or so I envision.

And the Dog… man this dog… I was playing with her and she sprained her knee. She did the pain breathing and then Dismal checked her over and she screamed. Then she went to her bed and wet herself. She wouldn’t stop drooling after that for 2 hours so we went to the vet because the rabid pocket dog was getting herself dehydrated… So dehydrated infact that they wanted to make sure she didn’t have kidney disease before giving her a 2 week course of metacam that they went and stuck a needle straight into her bladder and checked this one reading in her urine. 2 films on xray. Possible light tear on ACL through manipulation, soft tissue swelling at the knee. Gave her a pain shot in the office that has had her high all night.
We have to restrict her. We live in a townhouse floorplan. It has stairs. It’s 2nd level. There’s stairs to go outside and go potty.




Lila also has a heart murmur. We’re getting xrays for that too on payday.