I took a run up to North Scottsdale today to The Bunny Basics. I had a hard time classifying this shop in my links because it’s not just for my supplies, but she’s also done rescue work with bunnies and they have many educational things there as well. I have went on a weekend to a Piggie Poo sponsored “Guinea Pigs 101”. This is also how I was introduced to Jen’s Custom Crafts because Skeeter won a cuddle cup that day during the raffle.
I love The Bunny Basics. I also used to be able to order from directly from Oxbow in bulk and last year they stopped. BB is the only place that I can get it from at a reasonable price and save on shipping costs compared with other online storefronts. I buy 50lb sacks of Cavy Cuisine by Oxbow around every 2 months.
I think we’re still fairly set on hay here today so I picked them up a large Fiddlesticks.