If you can find these on another site (at a reasonable price), let us know!

Here’s my story:

We started using weighted blankets in our home when the tech was new. They made a ‘chhh chhh chhh’ sound when my cat, Princess Yue Pajama Pants, decided this was the most awesome thing ever, and started trying to kill the weighted blanket. Oh darn. I wanted to redirect her to a cat-appropriate option.

I messaged a few bloggers if they knew of such a toy, and Petsweekly was very familiar with one. SCORE one for the Princess. I did get full disclosure upfront that these things smell horrible for humans. How bad could it be? Yue likes to roll around in July-used undergarments, so that’s up her kink, too.

Since Petsweekly did all the writing, and I’m rusty, take two minutes to check this out:
Bavarian Cat Toys offer Catnip Alternative

We found out that the Bavarian Cat Toys website does not have an online store with stock and were referred to Jeffers
We placed an order with Jeffers two years ago, but this was a bit of a luxury item for the budget, so I had an email that indicated sale items earlier this month, and I went to see what the sacks were priced at.

Affordable. The sacks were 30% off or more.

The next week they were gone from the website. As far as I’ve heard from their customer service, is that they aren’t getting the sacks anymore, but they still have seasonable toys from Bavarian Cat Toys in their catalog.

These are pretty big, they stink, and they have spelt in them in them, so they ‘chhh chhh chhh’ with movement and play. But, if your kitty plays more conservatively, there are still a lot of options that ship free at $49+