I did, after all, destroy my car. Yet somehow this was not the worst of things to come in May.
May 18th, while my partner was out running his children and their friends around (as it was Saturday) I was home alone with the animals. I noticed that Jak had a feather out of place on her leg. I tried to inspect it, but Jak has always been my nervous bird, so I blew gently to spread her feathers, and I freaked the heff out.
That’s not even possible.
I blew on her feathers again. I was sure that I saw a flash of raw leg hanging out. I started crying. My partner just happened to get home within the next ten minutes with his daughter and her friend. I told the females upstairs or downstairs, NOW.
My partner inspected the bird and thought it was a blood feather. Huh uh no; I don’t believe so because blood feathers, I could handle. I needed to take her to the ER, but his son was still over at a friends’ house, and because I destroyed my car, his was the only available vehicle.
“Can you uber with the girls and go pick him up later?”
“Can’t you uber?”
Arrangements were made for the son’s friend to bring him back, but by the time I got back home with the car, my partner went to go pick his son up instead. Jak was not home with me.

Koi went to the ER with her bird, Jak, so that Jak would remain as calm as possible

If you open up the image and look closely, you can see the one feather standing out on Jak’s right leg.

Her leg was actually split open to the muscle. They said that the condition of the margins let them to believe this wound wasn’t fresh. She had probably been keeping it from me for a day, and we found no evidence around the house of trauma. I am inserting the medical photo very small, and you can choose to view it in full.


She had surgery the next morning, and they were only able to suture it about halfway closed. It was wrapped, she got the Cone of Shame, and was sent home with me Monday morning.

By Wednesday her accessories for the wellness cage arrived, and we were able to make it more comfortable for her.

Toddler perches are awesome. This way she didn’t have to flat-foot it around. It’s Polly’s Perch rocker in X-small.

By the 23rd of May she was having supervised time with her wife and discontinued her meloxicam:
On June 1st she had her baytril discontinued and her leg unwrapped and sutures removed. I was given a silver based cream to begin applying to her large scab.
Jak’s scab fell off two days ago

Today I removed her cone and let her free for six hours. She took 1 1/2 baths, and did a lot of grooming, and was given a lot of grooming by the other two green cheek conures. Her timing for her injury was at the beginning of a molt. She had so many pins on her that were unrelated to the feathers that began to grow back on her leg. My partner doesn’t feel comfortable letting her have Night Night unsupervised with the other two, but she’ll be out with them all day tomorrow.

I do have another car should something go cockeyed again, but Jak has been through this amazingly without complications.