I’ve been doing this for almost two years, so you’d thing I would know one small detail:

Which way does the blade go on the meat grinder?

I buy rabbit already ground with bone and organs. I end up cutting up half my turkey thighs, and the other half of my turkey thighs go through the coarse grind with all the skins. I’ve never assembled the grinder because I can’t even lift it. Dismal always sets it all up, and leaves me to it. But, today he was in a hurry to get to class.

I put together the grinder, and I jam the die on the first run. I take it apart, meat in the feeder, auger, and everything, an unholy mess, and I unplug the die with a chopstick. Put it back together and run it again. Jammed. Repeat. Repeat. Run it again. Jammed.

WHAT THE HEFF HOFF HIM JAG DO WOP AM I MISSING?! I made sure the spinny thing is keyed in the rear, I see that I matched the notch on the die with the notch on the end of the feeder, I finally tightened up the bolt on the side… WHAT?!

Try the blade. Flip the blade.

It was the blade. Turkey juice and pulp all over the grinder and part of the counter. Formula 409, baby.
Then I dropped something on top of the ceramic chop stick I left in the sink, so it’s broken.
Didn’t even care.

I was so close to trying to look up the manual on my phone after I’d wash my hands, of course. Stewart had come in and ate the mess on the floor that had dripped off the counter.

Stewart is my tux. He’s offered his services in the past: