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More information on Slide ‘N Serve can be found here on as well as the free recycling program offered by TerraCycle on this link for the contiguous U.S.

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We’re a little late to this party. I received my free package of Slide N’ Serve from @weruva in October, just before life hit the fan. I still want to tell you all about it! I love Weruva. It’s a cat food that almost always smells like YOUR food. It’s free from artificial colors or flavors, grains, carrageenan, and gluten – and the pouches are BPA free! 8 cleverly named varieties are available to find which one(s) suit your potentially finicky felines. My girls like Jeopurrdy Licious Chicken Breast Dinner, and Meal of Fortune Chicken Breast Dinner With Chicken Liver. I have never been able to get the female felines to eat fish, so we shared Love Connection, Let’s Make a Meal, The Newly Feds, Name ‘Dat Tuna, The Slice is Right, and Family Food with co-cats Banshee and Chaos. Their dad says Banshee particularly loved The Newly Feds Beef and Salmon. There is a variety pack named The Showcase Chowdown, which contains 2 – 2.8 oz pouches of each flavor. Choose which one you would like to serve your cats, slide out the portion size you wish, and clip the pouch shut and store in the refrigerator. The pouches are recyclable when you’re done. Please be sure to check with your neighborhood program or sign up for free through @terracycle . #catfood #pickyeaters #tasteslikechicken #keto #recycle #newproducts #pate #salmonchicken #meow

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