It’s coming in just a few short months:
Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales

I need to stock up on my cat supplies like crazy. I’m already on the Dr. Elsey’s email list from their website, which tells me when either they are having a sale or when is having a sale. I hopexhopexhopex they run a special like they did last year where you can save 35%+ percent on cleanprotein. Now that the girls have tried a bunch more wet foods through trial and error, and through the Chewy Influencer program, I might be able to see what wet stuff I can stock them up on as well. If Petsmart runs a deal on Exquisicat litter, I will be set.

I also know for your small animals, there are always sales for Carefresh paper bedding. Keep an eye out for Petsmart, Petco, and . The large bags of bedding are almost always half off. With 3 of my guinea pigs passing in the short time we’ve lived on the East Coast, I am still stocked up on CareFresh bedding. I’m managing my supply of hay and pellets well, but the girls decided they like to get cookies: Oxbow Vitamin C timothy hay tablets from their Natural Science line. Mom’s gotta watch for cookies this year.

I’m also going to be looking at bird litter, seagrass items, Zilla fruit and veggie dehydrated mix, Nutriberries.

Shopping for humans for the holidays is boring. My boyfriend is terrible at tracking a laser pointer, anyway.