The D.C. area has been getting rained on for weeks. Flash flood warning every few days.
We just moved into a new house and our stuff is everywhere. What did I do with the guinea pig laundry I needed to do?
Good question.

It went out back on the deck. Dismal tried to put a cover over it, but it kept getting blown off. I brought it over last Sunday or Monday.
That’s a lot of rain. I finally got to do their laundry today.

I picked up the laundry basket. Golden liquid spilled out everywhere on my jeans and shoes.
Aww frick it’s piggy sewage!
I kept tipping the basket and golden water would pour out. I made it to the driveway with the wet mess, and I tipped the basket on it’s side in the drive, where this torrent of fluids kept pouring out down to the curb like I’d left the hose on, except that water isn’t PIGGY SEWAGE.
Eventually the water stopped pouring out, and I hoisted it into the back seat of my car, where the rear seats were down and there was already a folded dog crate in the back from the move. I left the basket over the crate if there were more dripping; the crate has a tray.

I got it done. Brought the clean laundry home from the old laundromat, and left the basket full in the dining room floor. Stewart proceeded to nap in it.

I stripped down and took a shower. With soap. Lots of soap.
So glad I don’t have O.C.D.
Would never feel clean from that.