I hit a snag. The timing of my running out of home made cat food for the boys is going to coincide with Thanksgiving. The downstairs fridge will not be able to accommodate thawing out 18 lbs of meat, a turkey, and then housing leftovers.

Bummer. Making my food is the cheapest way to get nourishment into my two bubs on an all wet diet. I had to go pick up some pre-made medallions from Nature’s Variety at Petco Unleashed, down the street. They are comparable in calories per ounce to the boys’ regular diet, so we don’t have to mess with new feeding guidelines.

I go do my grocery shopping and get back in the car to drive down the street to Petco Unleashed. I see that they have the Nature’s Variety Instinct raw Medallions and nuggets on clearance. I checked the dates on the medallions and 3 out of 4 bags said Best Used by X Dec. The tag said $12.xx. These bags are normally $21-25 a piece. I grabbed two and hesitantly took them to the counter. I said the tag was kind of just laying in the case, and I hopped it’d still apply. They asked how much. I said $12.xx. They scanned my first item and said “How does $6.xx sound?”.
“SOUNDS FANTASTIC. Let me grab another bag”. Then there was a 15% off Friends and Family coupon that is good through Wednesday and can be applied to food.

I got 3 – 43 oz bags of frozen chicken pucks for $16.xx.
That gets me at least 12 days of worry- free- no- BS- for- mommy- take- a- break- after- turkey- til- you- have- to- make- cat- food- time.