Rest In Peace my sweet angel. I will love you forever. September 26, 2017 __ On Tuesday morning, I received the most difficult call so far in my life. Rhea was found sleeping, very peacefully. A sleep that will last a lifetime. Sometime around 3:00am she passed away, she passed to a better life. That’s the thing with life, non of us are here to stay forever and we have to appreciate every second of it, because it’s very short. PBFD is a terrible disease. It’s known for causing sudden deaths, which is exactly what happened to Rhea. She went to sleep and never woke up. A part of me is thankful that she left this world this way, with no pain and no suffering; she left with a first class ticket, as my great-grandpa used to say. Although physically she looked ok, she was her happy self, she had energy, she had appetite and everyday she woke up ready to rule the world, internally, she was not. Her organs were probably extremely compromised and not ok, which is what we didn’t see or realize. She had monthly checkups and everything seemed just fine. She showed NO signs whatsoever, which has made this process even more confusing. We can’t blame this on anyone. The truth is that we did everything in our control to give her the best life. No medication, no treatment and no doctor would have been what was needed for her to live longer. This was simply PBFD and a natural cause of death. It’s life. As you can imagine, I am completely heartbroken, sad, angry at this situation, confused, can’t stop crying, feeling helpless, pissed that I couldn’t say goodbye, but thankful about the time I got to spend with her. I am thankful about every lesson she taught me [and the entire world]. Please understand that this is a difficult time for me and for Fabiana’s family. Try to be sensible about this situation and try to understand our pain while we mourn her. __ I will keep this account alive to honor her life and remember her.

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