I just re-ordered the rabbit from Hare Today for the boys’ food this month. I also went poking around their website a bit more. I knew they sold guinea pig but I didn’t know too much about it. Today I read how they are raised and at what weights they are sold. The smallest being .25-.05 lbs. I looked back on the weights of the triplets growing up and at that weight they would be just weaned from their mother before being killed for food. *sigh* They sell them from this weight up until adulthood, raise them in a converted greenhouse, give them alfalfa pellets as well as fruits and veggies, and then give them C02 gas. Not a terrible life for a piggy. And it’s part of the food chain. And given the percentages of meat to bone to fat; guinea pigs make pretty healthy cat food.

But we wouldn’t know.
Because Tommy has had his own pet guinea pigs since he was 3 months old.
And he only ate one once.
Because it was a newborn and looked like some alien rodent that was going to infest the house and was doing his job.
I told him he ruined his diet that day.
Damn cat.

The remaining 3 baby guinea pigs still live with their mother in the 7 foot pen in my dining room. They turned 2 years this February, with their mother being either 3 or 4.