I’ve been meaning to update but my heart isn’t in it.
Mu Mu has been having a difficult time. Noticed Wednesday last week that she wasn’t eating her cucumber. I had seen her nibbling about two days before, but not fully eating. So this went on until a very early appointment Thursday morning at a vet in Virginia. I spent two hours with her in the car that day and we came home with a newly filed set of teeth, an G.I. motility drug, metacam, some liquid vitamin C, and Critical Care fine grind.

She may have had a dental issue but what we know for sure she has is a very large mass in her abdomen. Vet says it’s likely not cystic and seems firmly attached and doesn’t seem to be likely to be removed safely by surgery. If I want 100% answers that may or may not mean anything positive I can pay $200-300 for an ultrasound.

We had a very long weekend of her picking up treats and dropping them and not actually eating them, as well as telling me she did not want to be hand fed with the syringe.

Last night I decided to start giving her time back in the pig pen instead of just the hospital cage. The cage is for monitoring her pooping *which are still very small* and making sure she’s peeing. I haven’t seen her drink out of a water bottle in almost a week. Wednesday she was 832 grams and today she was 789 grams. But she spent some time with her niece Potsticker at the pellet dish after stretching her legs and getting some walking in.

I saw her chewing.
What are you chewing?
She picks up a pellet, does not drop it, starts to eat it.
Oh so you’re eating now?

I don’t get it. She’s up. She’s down. She’s up.