Tommy’s day on Friday was a tough one.
I got up and fed him a half serving and gave him a dramamine. A half hour or so later we put him in the carrier. He was thrashing about and going wild (I’ve never seen him like this) and got the cone off in the carrier we were supposed to be taking him to the vet in.
No worries. Prepared Mom is Prepared. We got out his harness and leash and hooked him up. He and dad went out the front door and Tom walked around in the snow a bit before his dad scooped him up to get into my lap in the car. I made sure I brought a towel because he gets carsick. Partway in we ended up removing his e collar and tossing it in the backseat, where the carrier was as a “just in case”.
He made it the 40 minutes to Virginia while the majority of our driving was going 65 mph on I495. He kept looking at the other cars and got nervous and laid back down on me. He started meowing and breathing heavy so while it was 45 outside, we had the AC on in the car blowing right on him.
We made it there. BF took him into the clinic in his arms and I got checked in. The nurse that came out to take him to the exam room for his surgeon SCRUFFED HIM. She could have just picked him up. Put your arms under his pits and your other hand under his butt. But she scruffed him to take him away from my boyfriend.
The doctor came out and said he looks amazing. He talked with us briefly and said keep the cone off. I paid the bill. We went home. Tom vomited halfway on the ride back. Mom had the towel A+.

After we got home I left to go to the grocery store and left Tom alone while his dad was in the basement.
His dad told me when I got back that he had licked himself bloody and we need to keep him in the living room.
My cat was pacing and distressed and kept talking loudly. I had tried to get him to play with the wand and the laser pointer and he thought I was crazy and wasn’t listening to him. He wasn’t happy about being stuck in the living room and he wasn’t happy about what was going on between his legs. I left a message for the surgeon Friday afternoon. He usually gets back to me on Monday. In the meantime, the two cat slaves got together and decided that he’ll have to get used to it and we will be keeping the cone off.

Tommy got full access back to the rest of the house. He paced and paced, and every 15 minutes that I would check on him he would position himself at his feeder and started yelling at me. If I went into the kitchen he would follow me and yell at me.

My cat is an emotional eater. He was having a hard day. I gave him three Greenies and he still swear to dog he’s dying and starving and I’m a terrible mommy. He has a schedule to stick to. He used to be 21 lbs and he’s a healthy 13. I cannot let him eat just because he’s upset so I did the treats and he just kept yelling at me.

After Friday, he was much better. He’s loving getting to do whatever he wants without the stupid cone of shame on. He has also let his wound just under his urethra settle down from an angry red to an almost healthy looking pink. He’s taken naps to where he ends up in a deep sleep and then is happy to see you when he wakes up and gets affectionate and does slow blinks.

Friday sucked. I need to make more bone broth ice cubes.