I’ve made two batches of raw food cat diet now, and I still can’t get it under 2 hrs. I made it on New Year’s Eve and again on Sunday, February 5th. I’ll be starting the new batch tomorrow.
It’s well timed: I have 2 adult male cats that need almost 20 lbs of food a month, so I make 21: 14 lbs of whole ground rabbit and 8 lbs of turkey thighs that end up getting de-boned.
Last month I left it too rich, having left in some skin as well as 14 soft boiled eggs.
Well they are fat lards who have trouble managing their weight so this month is no skin, no eggs. I’ve been watching their weight progress for years, and Tommy was up to about 13.6 lbs and Stewart right at 13. Tommy was a pound down back in August and Stewart was a pound down a few months ago as well.

So we’re back to low fat raw ice cubes. Tommy getting 4 1/2 and Stewart getting 4.

Previously they were 5 oz a piece.