Tommy Gargoyle has been on Prozac for about two months now for his spraying issues and anxiety. He’s doing well and I haven’t seen him mark anything personally in quite some time.

However, our youngest male cat Stewart is a piss machine. If we have the windows open he’s spraying like five times a day and it’s super nice outside. When the windows are closed it’s maybe twice a day.

I really want to take him to the vet to get on Prozac too, but I don’t know if his dad will go for it.

I was reminded by a reader that some of my links are outdated. I checked the section out that is the last tab on this main page and I see I really need to build on it. It’s full of local resources for the general Phoenix AZ metro area. I now have moved in July to the Washington DC metro area, so I’ll need to be building on that.

Amalie keeps having trouble coughing. Either she’s super backed up with a nagging hairball or she’s got asthmatic symptoms and needs another round of steroids. She’s coughing and choking every few days and I called her vet in Tempe Arizona and they won’t refill her meds because we’ve moved so she’s going to the cat clinic is Arlington Virginia Thursday morning. Ideally, cats should be on an inhaled steroid to target the lungs instead of the entire body, but Amalie doesn’t go for it. Stewart takes the inhaler easily for his asthma.

Here is the Aerokat we use.
Everyone in the house has their nails clipped this week except for the little parrots, but Dismal says that I need to clip their wings, so there’s that. The guinea pigs of the Lily Family (Lily was adopted last spring and had a litter) has curly front toenails. You have to keep them clipped so the toes don’t get disoriented. Mu-Xi Mu’s nails are great, and at age 5 she’s doing so well.