So I’ve been twittering @deadcherries about this ordeal that is Tomas Tommy Bubba El Pumador Puma Gargoyle and the crap he’s been pulling. 

We realized after we’d moved in that he was spraying in the litterbox and hitting the wall because no damn litterbox is that deep,  and he’s a fairly tall cat. 

Enter the storage containers. Dismal grabbed a Rubbermaid tote from the store,  left the lid off, and cut an entryway in the short side. Now when bub sprays,  it just trickles down inside. 

Then he was spraying the couch again. Then he did the biggest party foul of his life and sprayed the bookcase. 

Shitsth hasth hits the the fan.

Late night run to Walmart and drilling in the walls…Dismal puts up two stacked baby gates in the entry to the living room. He also picked me up another rubber tote and a Vizio sound bar for my TV. 

Then,  the portly guy tried squeezing underneath the gates and got his fat head through.  Dismal then got some wire grids to put along the bottom worth zip ties,  closing the gap. 

The next day he (Tom)  didn’t give up and really started to apply his skills but climbing over the baby gates. It was my turn to run to the hardware store. I picked up a sheet of coroplast and then we closed up the gap from the top baby gate to the ceiling with this sheet of corrugated plastic. 

Then I used my discover card and we ordered a Sureflap to carve into the bottom baby gate and give the other cats access to the living room and the rest of the house.  

While Tommy was spraying his side of the house down,  Dismal cut an entry into the second tote and viola, a second litterbox for my bathroom.

Some days he sprays in it. Some days he doesn’t. 

So we took him to the vet and ran almost $600 in tests and exam fees. No diabetes. No urine crystals. No UTI. No infections. No hyperthyroidism. 
What does my cat have? 

Tartar. He needs his teeth cleaned. 
Way to go,  jackass.

So there’s nothing to treat except his head. We probably need to buy new couches. 

Things we’ve tried since the spraying at our last house: 

Scat mats, scccat cans, calming collars, feliway, automated sprinkler heads when other cats would enter the yard,  extra litterboxes, and gallons of gallons of Nature’s Miracle. 

So what now? 

I’m giving him Bach’s Rescue Remedy Pet soaked into freeze dried treats once or twice a day and waiting to hear back from the vet for a possible kitty Prozac.

Purebites work well. Petco is pretty much out of all the freeze dried Good Luvin.

He’s 7 years old and this is a new behavior and I can’t fix him.