37 hours or so and two hotel stays and everybody is here. Tommy Gargoyle didn’t take it so well the first day. He pooped and vomited in his carrier and got the vomit all over him. One time, when it was his turn out of the carrier, he was foaming at the mouth and walking around in a haze. I gave him a piece of freeze dried chicken that was laced with Bach’s Rescue Remedy and hoped he’d nap it off. 
Nearly three in the morning in Oklahoma City, he got a bath at the Best Western. At first he was upset that he was going into a tub full of water, then when he found out it was a good temperature he relaxed a little and stood there waiting for me to tell him it was over. I towel’d him well and let him loose in the room with the other three cats. 
The guinea pigs got along great in the groups I put them in. Most of the time Mu-Xi was curled up to Potsticker or in the hidey sack with her, and the same for Lily and her other daughter Murphy. Ruby was solo in a slightly smaller cage on a shelf in the back of the car.