My father swears by Super 8, but he only travels with a dog or two.
I’m traveling with 4 cats, 5 guinea pigs, and 3 parrots.
La Quinta boasts a wonderful pet policy of no fees or deposits, HOWEVER, they will count ever animal you have whether it’s caged or free, towards their 2 Pet Limit.
I cannot afford 6 rooms. Ridic.
My allies today have been Best Western. I booked for Oklahoma City and Indianapolis.

Also, turns out Amalie is having asthmatic symptoms and needed to go to the vet. While I was there I spoke with her about sedating your cats for travel. She said she doesn’t really agree with it, all cats would have to have appointments, and that when she traveled here from Colorado he cat settled down in the carrier after about the first hour. What I’m going to do is log into bf’s Amazon Prime account and get a bottle of Bach’s Rescue Remedy for the cats. Most of the reviews said it’s only 4 drops on a treat and lasts a few hours.