Tommy Gargoyle ripped away his whole nail from the second toe on his right front paw. It’s gone. You press down on his toe where the nail would come out and there is an angry pink nub of tissue. The quick is exposed entirely.

We made a trip to the vet and he hadn’t been showing any signs of pain so we didn’t get any pain relief, but we did get a long lasting antibiotic shot that was more than the cost of the visit itself.

It was the worst trip to the doctor that I’ve ever taken him on. His paws were sweaty, his ears were on fire, he didn’t want to leave the carrier and when I got him to leave the carrier he threw his weight against my chest and tucked his head into my arm. He just did not want to be there this time.

From what I read online it looks like it’s going to take about a month for him to start getting his nail back. I’m trying so hard not to keep grabbing his paw and checking on it. It’s taking care of itself and we just need a little time.