Since the spraying started, I’ve also switched Stewart to a new food. I followed their feeding directions based on his weight and next thing I know, Jr Fatty has put a little over a lb back on. This was confirmed when we took him in for his vet visit. They ran his blood, took some urine, got him microchipped (which I was freaking about when I realized I’d never had his done, last week) and we waited for results.

His blood is good. Reds whites are great. His thyroid is fine. His urine is well concentrated so his kidneys seem to do what it is they are supposed to do… but his pH is off and has some very slight crystals forming. So Stubbs gets moved from one food to another again. He’s on Hills C/D for Urine Support.

Everybody seems to be using the new litterbox in my closet.

Now it’s Tommy’s turn to move off Metabolic formula to a weight controlled portion of Nature’s Variety Chicken Raw Boost. I don’t want him to blow up like Stubber did. He’s worked really hard to not be a fat lard, going from 21 lbs down to 14, but the vet would like him in the lower 13s.

I believe next month is your pet’s dental health month and will be watching for the 20% off from my vet’s office. Stewart is going to get his teeth cleaned and xrayed and rule out any other dental issues. The kid chews the stairs. He either does it because he’s a knob or he does it because it feels really good on that one side.

Amalie will be getting hers as well and having another tooth or two removed.