We’re still waiting to get Chai back from Skulls Unlimited, after sending her in back in February. They gave me an update over a week ago.


Still not home yet.

Mu-Xi goes in for spay surgery tomorrow morning and I’m taking the day off work. Nervous.

Tommy was being an ass to everyone today. Stewart was mainly trying to chill.


I broke my toe a few weeks ago, and a week after that I shut it in the car door.


My back has been bothering me since last night and I took a pain pill meant for my broken toe and powered through to get the pig pen cleaned today. Toe felt no pain.

Buy in bulk if you can. I just grabbed a 25 lb sack of guinea pig pellets at the bunny rescue and a month or two ago bought 6 bags of Carefresh from petco.com.

The little fuzz butts are out of cucumber and Potsticker weighed in over 900 grams today. 7 months old on September 11th.