I don’t update much except on Twitter. 140 characters generally gets my point across. But while I’m here I’m thinking of the animal kids of mine all the time. Hoping in the next few days that I remember to weigh the boys again, and see how they are still doing on their Metabolic diet. When I get home my cat usually comes around to see me, and my birds are definitely excited. I was taking care of the guinea pigs the other day and as I was washing my hands, my bird, Idris, flew to my shoulder. She even said Gimme Kissy, which is what Koi always says. Odd duck, that girl is.

Tommy has come around to liking Vietnamese summer rolls. Stewart really likes Lucky Charms, although I don’t give him any marshmallows. Sometimes they want to eat my pad Thai, but I don’t know what spices and seasons they use, so I don’t allow it.
I have been getting up later for training this week and Tommy has been harassing me for his mid-morning feeding an hour or two early just because I’m up. I normally feed him at 6 am and leave for work. He’s always on the food track.

The guinea pigs are enormous.
Five enormous guinea pigs. The babies are 5 months old.