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I’ve been working since March 30 and haven’t done much updating. The updating I have been keeping up with regularly is the guinea pigs’ weight progress back on the old post.

The cats have been well. Tommy Puma Gargoyle got fried chicken yesterday with mashed potatoes. He’s still on a diet but every now and then I have to treat him. He’s been losing weight and doing fine. As it turns out, DM got sidetracked yesterday and the boys didn’t get their 5pm feeding, so the additional calories I gave him didn’t hurt anything. Stewart’s asthma has been doing better this year than last year and he’s getting very close to goal with his diet. He had some fried chicken too, but didn’t ask me for any mashed potatoes. He wanted the cajun rice, but I’m pretty sure it had onions or garlic in it so he can just keep wishing.

Koi Monkey is being a much nicer bird. For more than a year she decided not to step up on my finger and would even insist on biting me. Now, she’ll rest on my finger from time to time and talk to me and play with my hair and I don’t make her do it for long and I put her back before she gets antsy. Things have gotten better this year.

I paid 2 credit cards off with my last paycheck. Give it a little more time and I’ll eventually make major dents in the Care Credit account I used for all my furkids. Work is hard, and I don’t clean the bird cage as often as I should, but it’s good for the household.

As for the guinea pigs:
I still cringe when I think about how I had just the two before Chai died and the sudden population explosion that took over my house when a pregnant Lily moved in, but the kids are doing well. The babies are larger now than pet store piggies and hit 3 months old on the 11th of May. The plan was when my piggies dwindled down to 1 or 2 I would get a pair of rats.
Well, rats ain’t happening. FIVE PIGGEH WIGS.