They both act so differently about their food restrictions. The feeding schedule is very liberal around here. Tommy Gargoyle gets 3/4 cup food because he’s supposed to be in the 13 lb range. Stewart gets 2/3 cup food because he’s supposed to be in the 12 lb range. They both get fed together as follows:
Sometime by 7am. Another time by 10:30 am. Noon. Five pm. Nine pm.

There is ALWAYS food on the way. Tommy treats me like a yucky mommy meat sack that is always forcing him to starve. He begs for food up to 2 hours ahead of time and when he doesn’t get his way stalking me, he’ll go sulk by the window and for GOD SAKES WOMAN WHY CAN I NOT GO OUTSIDE?!
Tommy, it’s 109 degrees.

Stewburger, on the other hand, is a dream.

He’s groovy getting fed whenever and sometimes even leaves kibble left over in his dish and simply walks away when he’s full. I need to weigh him again but I know a few months ago he’d already lost half a pound.

Bub (tom) is a pain in my —. I love him, but I want him happy, and unless the food is flowing he gets so demanding. He’s lost 3 lbs in 1 year. They expected him to be at his goal of 13.4 in like April. I know last time I wrote on here that I could not get him trained with any additional commands because he can’t have treats all the time and that his veterinary chart still read him as OBESE.

YOU FAT LARD. I used to be so happy he was large at 20 lbs and had this big sexy cat walk, but I would love for this diet journey to be over for him already.

I think I’m going to take them both in for an official weigh in soon. My scale at home can read off by a half lb because of a balancing issue with the platform. Then I’ll have an official record and can see progress being made instead of this pitiful, whining, mewring cat boy asking me where the food is all the time.