The past few months we’ve been promoting awareness towards Hill’s Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution, and how to love your pet as well as treat them.

Coco’s story began at the post office as a kitten. A neighbor spotted her in the bushes. At just under a month old, this darling kitten was just waiting to be spoiled by the right home. Over time they realized that maybe there was just a bit “too much” Coco, and the vet agreed to work with them.

She has had the chance to use the Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution Formula and began her journey at 16.8 lbs.

Before the diet began

In the past, Coco was, well, grumpy. She didn’t like to play with our other cats, especially super energetic Lucky, our seven-month-old kitten. Now after losing nearly 2 lbs over the past few months, 7 year old Coco is initiating play with the other cats!

Here’s one of my favorite tales from the interview:
Just the other night at bedtime, we heard one of Lucky’s (many, many) toys jingling in the living room. We figured it was Lucky in one of his late night spurts of energy, attacking a toy with a gusto that we thought was reserved for kittens.

But a quick glance at the foot of the bed showed that Lucky was sound asleep. Who was playing nonstop at the midnight hour?

It was Coco.

Previously, our girl Coco had been on several diets, and Hills is really working for her. So far she has about two more pounds to go. In the meantime, she loves both the treats and the wet food as well as playing with her wand between feedings.

We’re also super happy that Coco doesn’t know that she’s on a diet! She loves her food and has maintained her usual dining routine…there’s no crying between meals as if she’s hungry. She eats her meal, sometimes leaving kibble to return to later, and then happily goes on her way, pleased with her breakfast and dinner!

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