I caught him giving himself a bath while sitting in the guinea pigs’ litter box.
He’s also not being free fed anymore so he’ll try to break into the feeder for five minutes before stopping and staring a human down and then proceeding to cry out like a child that has their favorite toy removed.

He also used to be a suckling cat, constantly fluffing and sucking away on fabric until I dedicated my teddy bear to him and then it was Make out Bear.

He now no longer suckles. He humps. He straddles any blanket that strikes his fancy and twitches about while in it’s soft embrace.

He also likes to lick your arm into submission. If you move your arm, you will be reminded with a light bite that you are no longer complying with the program, and then will continue being licked some more.

I don’t know what to do with him n Dismal loves him. He’s a good boy in his own ways.