After the passing of my veterinarian, the search had begun for a new one.
Honey had been 1 month into treatment for hyperthyroidism and I wanted to make sure we were on the right track.
I come to find out that my old vet was both a genius and a savant. I got very frustrated during my appointment because I wasn’t working with him anymore and they kept telling me that they really don’t have hyperthyroidism diagnosed for Honey because there were no baselines taken for bloodwork. I was told that there isn’t a normal range recorded for guinea pigs and that you take thyroid levels at the beginning of treatment and then during and compare the two readings to see if you’re on the right track.

Well, she’s been gaining weight and her heartrate has slowed, but she’s also got inflammation in one of her lungs and a narrowing at the bottom of the trachea where the lymph stuff is just above the heart.

She’s on three medications and a probiotic. One for the thyroid, an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory.