Our house is a little nuts. I know that the rule is 1 litter box to each cat, plus one more. However, we’ve only found 1 good spot for A litter box, instead of 5 of them. That being said, it’s full every few days when I get to  scooping it. It’s also hidden behind a curtain and you know what they say, “Out of sight, out of mind”.

So then I have a conundrum because I never see it and because of the Critterzone Air Naturalizer, I never smell it.
I end up going way too long between scoopings. Bad Lala.

We were given a device to test in our home.

We’ve got our Critterzone in the same area that the cat box and kitchen trashcan is in, and we keep it on the LOW setting. It’s fantastic.
I don’t even know it’s there. It’s quiet and fairly small.

We were using it as a total air solution around here but our cat with asthma was having a small reaction to it. IF you’re concerned about any adverse reaction when using the Critterzone, you have a full 30 day no-hassle return period.

CritterZone Air Naturalizers are designed and tested for the control of pet odors: Fast, Powerful, Discreet.  Breathe easier knowing you’re improving the air environment for you, your family, babies and young children, seniors, visiting guests and, of course, your pets!

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And they even have a 1 year warranty!