Friday I was on my way back North to Scottsdale to pick up guinea pig supplies. I had ordered special Oxbow formula that has the lowest calcium rating since I have issues with Chai and Skeeter and bladder sludge.

I have a habit of stopping by Petco on the way home and I was only in there looking for bird snack mix, but I ran into Honey.

Honey is a 4 year old guinea pig sow without a family. They gave her and her sister up. Her sister recently died at the store after an abscess on her neck ruptured. Honey’s disposition is as sweet as her name and I run a retirement village, with two out of three of my guinea pigs already at or beyond age 4. Mu-Xi is almost two years now, Skeeter is nearly 4 1/2 and Chai is 6 1/2+.

The vet is going to give her a checkup tomorrow and see how things go. She’s in the hospital cage on the floor for her quarantine period.