I will usually admit that I’m wrong. This is very important. Dismal was right. Tommy has slowed down AND I confirmed it is at least partly to do with his weight.

I hopped on the scale myself (loathe) and took my weight, then hopped on the scale two more times; once with Tommy and once with Stewart.

Minus their weight from mine…

My bub is 20.6 lbs. He has gained a full pound. While it’s not significant in human eyes, right now we’re looking at approximately a 1/5 of his body weight gained. He’s no spring chicken. Tommy Puma Gargoyle is 4 years old. And fat. If you put a collar on him he looks like he has a very tiny head. He knows this and refuses to wear all collars for more than three hours.

Stewart is 14.6 lbs. He should be 12 lbs. With his asthma I feel like a terrible, horrible parent. We have a free feeder around for the entire group of cats so that the males won’t bully the females out of eating if they are not free-fed.
Then the boys eat way too much.


Work in progress. We are all going on diets over the next month. Hope to provide updates!