Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day with GPS location and activity tracking for your best buddy.

25% off through April 1st to “lowjack” the pup!

I’m sending my dog to live in a more rural area with my parents. While I firmly believe in microchipping, I didn’t see a big need for a GPS device to find my dog in case she got lost. Where is she? Why, she’s right here next to me for the last three hours. I take her out on a leash and she’s not an escape artist and I don’t have a yard that she can dig her way out of along a fence. My parent’s living situation, on the other hand, has me a little worried. They live along a forest line. They live along a gravel road. They don’t have a fenced-in yard.

This deep discounting of over $40 is looking right up my alley.