I will urge you to use gloves when working with sisal rope. I don’t have any gloves other than acrylic blend, so onward I went, bare.

Tommy Puma Gargoyle has had the same post for under $40 for more than 2 years. The top of the carpet was shredded off and the sisal was really furry and poofy looking and some of the rope missing too.

Other than buy another new one I went to Home Depot with Dismal and bought carpet and sisal rope for less than $20. I really liked this model because it flushes against the wall and is 32 inches high. Tom is TALL.

I have been looking at them in retail but they are not the same carpet quality and the carpeting varies from store to store so we kept the one we had and did this:


You can see where the new rope is midway up and that the carpet slightly does not match at the top compared to the bottom.

I still have 10 1/2 more feet of carpet in the closet left from the purchase tonight and more rope leftover for the next time my bub and the other cats tear this thing down again.