I spend much of my time lately feeling fond of my parrots. My allergies are going crazy. Between the guinea pigs, hay, cats and dust in the air from the litter box sifting, I’m going mad.

The dog doesn’t really do anything to my allergies but it’s time for me to take care of her coat and using the clippers gets hair splints into my skin and I start itching. Yes, I am allergic to my cats. Yes, I’m allergic to my guinea pigs and it’s usually a contact allergy that makes me itchy. Hay for the guinea pigs is always a contributing factor.

So, because I’m in desperate need of benadryl later this evening, I’m going to write disjointed and ramble a little more than usual.

Birds: Conures seem to be lower on the dust/dander than other birds. They have a preening gland and what they put into the air is food particulate, dried droppings and sheath chewed off of new feathers

Cats: There’s not a huge way around it. The shorter coated ones shed and the longer coated ones obviously tickle a bit. You can bathe them and use a shed reducing tool like the FURminator

Guinea pigs: If you’re allergic to the guinea pig, you may actually be allergic to the hay. Typical hay for guinea pigs is Timothy, but there are other types such as Mountain Grass that may be less aggravating on your allergies. I used to get my hay at $5 a bag from a feed barn but the hay provided seemed a bit dusty

Dogs: Does anyone want a dog? She’s always looking at my pitifully and I don’t know what she wants 🙂
I found out around age 18 that I was allergic to dogs. My system reacts to dogs with short coats that don’t seem to grow: Boxers, bulldogs, pitbulls, some terriers…a