The tub in my bathroom has rust around the metal thing where overflow drains.

This statement alone shows how plumbing illiterate I am.

Maintenance says it’s going to need reglazed after a proper repair… the whole tub… and unit vacant… minimum 8 hours.

I’m getting prepared and made only 1 call today to the vet’s office. My exotics vet does boarding and it would run $16.50 per bird for 24 hrs. I could do 4 guinea pigs among two cages for less than $30.
Boarding at the regular vet is between $30-40 for 4 cats plus I would have to make sure they have current records for vaccinations. There would be no discount on the dog because she’s not sharing.

I have to call the bird shop to get their estimate on the three girls and what requirements on records, as two of them came from their shop.

It is going to cost me at least $100 if I board all my animals to reglaze a bathtub.
I do have many friends and for the most part I would only have to worry about the birds and the guinea pigs.

When I go through with this I know out of pocket I will have at least $50 in costs, one carsick cat, one cat that evacuates herself in transport and a bunch of hassle.