I’ve been having a difficult time still at the grocery store. I tend to shop with my pets in mind without even giving it much thought. I tried to get through a trip at Sprouts; I kept stalling during my walk through the store. Every time I see a bone-in meat, I think of my rattie. The first night I had chicken wings after his death, I started getting queasy after a few and stopped eating.

I shared nearly everything with Little Bastard.
I had to get rid of the rest of his yogurt within the week. I tried to give away his extra snacks around the house within the week. Now, when I cook and I’m looking for an omnivore to share with, I look at the dog and think, “you fail, dog”. My dog has a sensitive system.

I can share some things with the birds but I wouldn’t think of giving them skin off a piece of meat. I would just give them the meat. Jak likes taking a piece of chicken and sucking on the flavor.

Grocery store trips really suck these days. I like sharing.