I had the opportunity to order some decals for my car at a deeply discounted promotional price. I have been shopping for vinyls for the car and I knew these came out sometime ago in 2011.

Parrot Decals!

The “conures” look adorable on the Volkswagen and the “tracks” in two sets up to my 2 birds. The tracks are not vinyls, but are sold that way. They are in a full sticker that goes directly on the surface you are applying them to.

My vinyl wares from latest eBay binge:
The cat and rat vinyls are through seller Stickerdoctors and there are many poses of them to choose from as well as several other animals. I loved the quality of the guinea pig vinyl I received from a different seller in the UK…Makes me wish I had a ferret to get one of those as well.

There is another seller I haven’t tried yet that I’m interested in getting a zombie dog for Lila.