Well, I’m having to seriously think about new cages.
This cage is really not going to work out for us for long. I noticed a few months ago that the paint was starting to chip.
Now the paint is chipping more and more AND there is rust.

It’s not widespread rust. It’s focalized around their water dish, where splashing happy birdy baths occur as well as dainty drinking.

The space on this cage for the pricing was amazing but I knew at that price that it’s going to be only temporary. Time is relative so temporary could have been 6 months or a year. It’s looking like 6 months on my comfort level but maybe a year to remedy due to costs.

It was still better than this one starter cage
and no, the base was green so NYUH

I really want this one but I don’t have money right now

Rust removal. Going to work patiently with options number 1.

when it rains…

it rusts.