We didn’t anticipate Koi and Jak would hit it off so well.
We didn’t anticipate that Jak would then begin to fear us.

They love each other. They love to take care of each other and make each other nuts. The reason I got Koi was because Jak was still lonely and nervous whenever we would leave the living area. She wanted to be everywhere we were and would call out repeatedly if we ever left, whether it was to take the dog outside, errands upstairs and just heading up there anyway to use the bathroom.

Jak needed company.

Koi is 4 months younger and has been handled since before both her eyes opened. She’s a very refreshing little bird that doesn’t want to get held back by anything. “what? there’s something wrong with hanging upside down over a cat’s head while flapping my wings”?

So now I have 2 wonderful birds, of which only 1 will willingly speak to me. I have to stop taking it personally and forget all the times she cuddled us, needed us, had us help her quills when she was molting and try to act like we just met.

I used to be able to get her into her flight suit in three minutes. Now it takes 10 and she is beaking very very hard. I decided to take her out with me on a walk and have a break from Koi and just try to enjoy the things that go on outside. She seemed to be ok with it and didn’t spend much time during the walk picking at her suit.

I’m really bummed out. I have to keep taking her outside one on one and maybe a baggie with grapes to bribe her.