The new rat occasionally gets his ass kicked by the two bigger boys. I still have to keep up with Little Bastard’s teeth trimming. The little guy is not being named until I know he’s big enough that Little Bastard and The Captain will not kill and eat him.

My house is a swarm of free range critters and it’s killing my allergies. I have The Twins here from their house that was falling to pieces and needed a serious overhaul. I was asked to watch them one weekend while their pops went to LA to visit family and they have been at my place ever since. This was almost two weeks ago. The Twins have been around me since they were 3 weeks old and Dismal and I took care of them until their were early teens and beginning to kill our allergies. The allergy kill has not ended. My face is a raging ball of itchy sneeze fury. I don’t have reactions this severe to any of my other cats; just Ashley and Samus.

I did something stupid on Sunday. I took 4 cats to a cheap clinic to get their shots and Rex’s microchip and all before my work shift. It went well but just stressed me out and we got the only 4 cat vaccines they had there. Apparently these things are more dog that kitty but it worked out.

Lila needs another shave.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be drinking Xanax with my beer.