I can’t pic spam or try to talk about anything really with my pets because I have no faith it posting anything from my Blackberry and not losing it. It’s not my Berry. I love my Berry. I am just not used to my app yet.
Dismal is working on getting the web back up. The guinea pigs are getting spoiled and yelling at me all the time for snacks. Cute faces all lined up!
Lila got shaved down but I keep finding spots I missed and dissatisfaction sets in.

Oh I thought I had a dead rat last night. It was rather interesting. When Little Bastard dominates The Captain, Cappy goes into a trance. I poked him and pulled his rear leg and when I started turning him to pick him up he snapped out of it and freaked. Mind you all this happened when he was ON HIS BACK. Yeah… Dead rat.

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